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Forward/Redirect Email From Webmail
(This feature can only be configured by using Internet Explorer)

1. While using Webmail, click on the button on the right side called Options. Find Someone.

2. Click on Rules. Options, Rules.

3. Click on New Rule and select Create a new rule for arriving messages. New Rule.

4. Click on Forward. Then select either Forward/Redirect to people or distribution lists.

Forward Emails if you want the “From” field to be your Ohio Dominican email address.

Redirect Emails if you want the “From” field to be the original sender.
Redirect the Message.

5. Next, click on People or Distribution lists and then you will type in the bottom box the email address that wish to have your emails sent to. Message Recipients.

6. Type in a name for your new rule and hit Save. Name.

7. Click OK if this popup comes up. Ok or Cancel.

8. Check to see that your new rule has been made. Redirect e-mails.

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