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Windows XP - Wireless Checklist

First disable all third party wireless utilities such as Intel Pro Wireless or Dell Wireless WLAN Utility.

1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections ->(Right Click) Wireless Network Connection -> (Left Click) Properties -> Go to the Wireless Networks Tab

Make sure the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" is checked-marked.

Next, Click on Add.

Wireless Network Connection Properties.

2. Tin the Network Name (SSID) as ODU-WIRELESS

Network Authentication - WPA2

Data encryption - AES

Authentication - WPA2 and Encryption - AES.

3. Under the Authentication tab, ensure the following fields are correct:

EAP type: Protected EAP (PEAP)

Also, make sure the boxes checked match the picture below.

Click on Properties under EAP type.

EAP type - PEAP.

4. The Authentication Method should be set to Secured password (EAP-MSCHAPP v2)

Also, make sure the boxes checked match the picture below.

Click on Configure next to the Authentication Method.

Authentication Method.

5. Make sure that this box, pictured below, is unchecked if you log into Windows with anything other than your ODU account.

Click OK here then click OK in the Protected EAP Properties window.

After this click OK on all other windows.


6. When you are in range of the network for the first time this message will pop up (shown below). Click on it.

Click on bubble to enter credentials.

7. Enter in your ODU user name and your password.

Enter in ODC as the Logon domain.

Enter your ODU username and password and Logon domain as ODC.

8. When this message pops up (shown below) click on it.

Wireless Network Connection.

9. Click OK when this box pops up.

Validate Server Certificate.

10. You should now see this pop up showing that you are now connected to the wireless network.

Now Connected.

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