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Frequently Asked Questions

Printing / PaperCut   Questions
How does PaperCut work?

When you log onto a campus computer PaperCut loads and displays your balance. PaperCut starts with $25.00 and deducts .05 cents for each black and white sheet you print and .25 for each color sheet.

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut monitors the number of pages printed to public printers on campus. At the beginning of each semester, PaperCut allows you enough credit to print 500 pages.  Any page after 500 must be paid for prior to printing.  You can add money to your PaperCut account in the Business Office (Erskine 133). 

What is the “money” in the PaperCut mean? Do I have to pay $25 to print?
Each semester your account is given a $25.00 credit.  .05 cents are deducted from the total in your PaperCut account.  Any additional funds added in the Business Office but not used, will roll over to the next semester.
I am printing jobs for my work study position at ODU. Can I have additional funds added to my account to use?
Student workers printing for ODU business purposes should utilize the account number for the ODU Print Center, which is provided by the department or supervisor that they are working for.
How do I get a refund?

Refunds are only given for hardware issues such as smeared, smudged, crumpled, low toner, or jammed print jobs. Refunds are NOT given for unclaimed, cancelled, or partial print jobs. You can request a refund with the Helpdesk and your account can be credited for technical issues.

Can I print from my personal computer / laptop?
Currently that feature is not available.
Is there a way to close PaperCut and take it off the screen?
No.  PaperCut must load on the computer in order for you to be able to print.  You can minimize it to the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, but PaperCut must be present and running for printing functions.
What happens if PaperCut does not appear in the upper right hand corner after I log on?
The computer may not have properly loaded.  Log off and log in again.  If this does not fix the problem contact the ODU Computer Helpdesk .
What if the printer messes up and I do not receive the jobs I printed?
If you send a print job and do not get a printout or the printout has something wrong with it (smeared, smudged, crumpled, low toner, etc), you can request a refund with the Helpdesk and your account can be credited back. You may be required to provide proof that your printout was damaged. 
How come my print jobs will not print?

1. Make sure that PaperCut is running in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
   - If PaperCut is not running, please log off and log on again.
2. Make sure you have sufficient funds to complete the print job.
   - You can add additional funds in the Business Office (Erskine 133)
3. Make sure you have confirmed your print job after submitting it. 
   - If the problem persists, please contact the Computer Helpdesk.

Why is my account balance $0.00 if I’ve never printed from my account?
In rare cases an error may have occurred. Please contact the Computer Helpdesk to resolve this issue.
Does ODU offer double sided (duplex) printing?
Yes. Duplex printers are available on the top and middle floor of Spangler Library.
Does the amount start over each semester? If you have money left over from the previous semester, will it roll over or expire?

The $25.00 is the equivalent of 500 pages.   This balance will be reset every semester.   Any additional funds added in the Business Office but not used, will roll over to the next semester.

How do I connect to a printer?
Log on to  Select For Faculty Staff or Students.  Select Network Services.  Select Public Printers or Staff Printers.  Browse the printer list to find your printer and click on it.  On the left side, select Connect.  This adds the printer to your list of available printers.

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