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Frequently Asked Questions

WebFile / H Drive   Questions
What is my H: Drive?
The H: Drive is a personal storage space provided to Faculty, Staff and Students to save and back up files.
How do I access my H: drive from off campus?
How do I access my H: drive when I am on a campus computer?
Double Click on My computer. Go to yourusername$ on ‘home-server’ (H:) and your H: Drive will appear.
What browsers are compatible with Webfile/ H: Drive?
We recommend using Internet Explorer. If you use an alternative browser, you will need to follow instructions at
What is Webfile?
Webfile allows you to access your network drive H: from any computer with Internet Access. All data saved on the H: drive is backed up nightly. Using the H: drive is ODU's recommended method. Students are offered 100 MB of file storage on the H: drive.
After changing my password, the H: drive becomes inaccessible.
Log off and log back on to update the credentials to access your H: drive.

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