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Frequently Asked Questions

Passwords   Questions
Can I keep the same password forever, or do I have to change it?
For security, ODU Network Passwords are good for 180 days at a time. When you log in, using a campus computer, the system will begin reminding you to change your password when you have 15 days or less until expiration. If your password has expired, you may reset it by going to Docs/password/password.aspx or by calling the helpdesk at (614) 253-3633 or 1-888-251-0773.
I registered for the password reset, but I cannot remember the answers to my questions. What do I need to do?
If you have a current password, you can re-enroll and your old questions will automatically be replaced. If your password has expired, please contact the helpdesk at (614) 253-3633 for a password reset. You may then enroll for the online password reset option.
I tried to reset my password or unlock my account and the system told me that I answered too many questions incorrectly, now what?
If this happens, your password reset account is disabled. Don’t worry, just contact the helpdesk at (614) 253-3633 to have your password reset. Then, please re-enroll in the Password Reset System.
What is my username?
Your username is the first seven letters of your last name and then your first initial. If you have a common name, it may include a number. You may contact the Helpdesk at 614-253-3633 to confirm.
How often do passwords expire?
Passwords expire every 180 days.

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